this is my art.

I rarely update this blog, but this is where I post my art. I keep my Instagram more up to date if you care @itsactuallysecret

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I love her.

Can you tell I’m excited about freakshow?

Curious little beastie.
(Charcoal study)

The difference just a couple of months of experimenting can make is amazing. Left I thought I was finished but a few months I came back with new media and hardly any experience and completely reworked the only on the right.

I tried to learn to photorealism one time but I’m taking a break for now

I’m in the process of reworking some older pieces, and I’m happy with how much better this is now💙
“Oil spill”

dombread said: how hard is it to paint T2L on shoes? i was too scared to do it on my last pair and i really want to try it eheh.

Well, it’s definitely a tricky medium because of the awkwardness of the shape so here’s just some general tips :)
-stuff the toe area with newspaper or something so that when you paint it you have a sturdy surface that isn’t going to cave in or dry in a funny shape
-use that blue painters tape stuff to tape off areas you don’t want to get paint on
-sketch out the design first in pencil or a sewing marker thing or chalk
-don’t rush it. Do it in layers and wait for each layer to dry completely before you try to keep going, otherwise you’ll smudge your colors and end up getting frustrated (and we don’t want that! :)
Also, if you’re scared to try it, use an old pair of shoes first!
I hope this is helpful, I’d love to see them when you finish if you decide to try it :)

Hey guys! 

I sell my art now ;) so if you like my stuff check it out! or just pass this along to help me out :) I’ll be uploading other stuff periodically so If you see something on my tumblr that isn’t up yet, don’t worry. It’ll get there :)

ang61 said: Omg, you're a good artist, I love those MUSE shoes you done :D

Thankyou! Hopefully I’ll get around to finishing them some day. :)

I painted these for a friend :)
We both have an Alice in Wonderland obsession

Anonymous said: My god, those shoes are just super-awesome!! Good job:) I guess you must get tons of these questions, but do you ever plan to make some more and sell them? I'd totally be interested:D I don't have a tumblr account at the moment, so I'll leave you with my e-mail for you to answer to if you're interested:)) E-mail: super_alibaba93dothotmaildotcom. Best regards, Alice^^

Thank you! And yes, I actually sell them to friends and people who live near me, but I’m hoping on opening an etsy shop sometime in the near(ish) future, but right now I just don’t have the time. :)

I got bored. This mirror was my victim. I just need to spray it with some sealer when it dries! :D

singforstarlight said: What did you use to paint those AMAAAAAZING Muse shoes? x

When I paint shoes I use acrylic paints mixed with textile medium for the colors so I can mix all the colors I need instead of buying dozens of fabric paints that are ridiculously priced. I use black and white fabric paint though because I use so much of it it’s annoying to mix.
And after everything dries I put a coat of fabric mod podge on to seal it. :)

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